The Physics of Wellness Academy

 Our Team worked together for 35 years to finally make public our theory of IMMUNITY FOR ALL. It all started with an injury to a child by vaccination in 1974. The effort took many forms before the first

big step forward in research. In the early 2000's the first graph was generated by our technology (see below).


Physics is the study of energy(in contrast to the study of matter, i.e. chemistry). Never before in modern healthcare had anyone recorded the electromagnetic energy levels of a human being.


Medicine has been obsessed with chemistry for its entire history.  Our founder realized that chemistry is built on the foundational science of physics. In his search for the key to immunity, having pursued every lead in chemical medicine, he began a study of biophysics/life energy. The graph you see below is one of the first examples of tracking energy levels in a human. Many, many tests later, the conclusion was overwhelming: no one was maintaining a  stable level of energy, no one was looking at this foundational marker of health and immunity and, certainly, no one knew what total body energy levels are supposed to be.

Mineral is where electrical/energy charges are held in the body, just like a battery!

Later came more sophisticated 

methods for seeing and analyzing energy

levels using infrared technology. 

15 years later, the Academy is rolling out its theory of Wellness/Immunity based on Physics. People will be able, with this information, to by-pass the entire medical juggernaut and defend themselves from premature aging & body break-down. Moreover, by following the dictates of the handbooks that come with the test, people can live in a constant state of immunity!


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