Can it be true?




Yes, we do mean to suggest the whole

body improves with optimized..... 


Stop thinking symptoms!  Upgrade your

whole body by upgrading......

             IMMUNITY, I.E. ENERGY.

Prevention in its highest form.

Works for everybody, every time!

With an optimized immune system, all threats are overwhelmed in favor of wellness!

An optimized immune system overwhelms 

all threats in favor of wellness!

Immune System performance is our total focus!

 We have perfected the art and science of optimizing immunity!

Blanket Immunity - better than a vaccine or disease!

Blanket Immunity - better than bioterrorism!

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We are experts in IMMUNITY

We Don't treat


We trust the body

to do that

Wear our device for 24 hours

The Test

Data auto uploaded

Get your immunity score. 

Included is a complete plan of action to adjust your immunity

to optimum.

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Results : no matter your concern, when you

improve immunity everything gets better.

Two test results

CONSIDER:  all biologic systems in our Universe are driven by
bio-energy.  This energy comes
from the Sun: is embedded in all
the (good*) food you eat, in the (charged*) air you breathe, and
from (direct*) Sunlight.

*Your test score comes with instructions

for all the above!

Photosynthesis – We all know this science from high school biology. Life starts here - See the great electrical circuit that drives all life.

Photons (Sunlight) move from plant to animal and finally to man, following the “food chain.” Initially, this is called Photosynthesis, the process that supplies the only form of energy active in biology/life. Later stages are called diet, nutrition, food consumption. The loss of photons due to processing and poor lifestyle is the single greatest cause of human body failure, otherwise called disease!

What Happens When You Optimize Immunity?

Fertility improves   

Cardio gets stronger

Vertigo resolves 

Skin – all 

Sugar Diabetes 

Cellular respiration 

Cancer resistance/

Memory strengthens 

Digestion –

Negative genetic 

Metabolism levels off 

Sleep issues

Immunity is what we do.  Energy is who we are.

Get better now. Stay better!

Longevity, Pain free living, Agelessness!


Only three fundamental forces in the Universe.

Only 1 you can control, and knowing how to control

& collect this one is the underlying secret to IMMUNITY. We will be your source for this

Life-Extending and Pain-Relieving information.

We wrote the book – no one else has this info!

Over one-thousand case-studies (clinical cases, individuals) participated in the accumulation of the information represented by our work, our books, our classes, and papers. The studies in our articles and books are all cited from reputable sources like Green Med, Pub Med, and various universities and Researchers, as footnoted. The science of Immune Performance and its relation to BioEnergy, while ignored by modern medicine, is foundational to the life Sciences at every level. We pride ourselves on the fundamental nature of our theories and protocols. We believe modern healthcare, while they do great work, should add bio-energy to their prevention, wellness, longevity protocols!

The Universe began with Energy, the Big Bang.

Energy remains the only constant (part of every reaction) in Nature.

Therefore, energy is a constant* in Human Physiology!

*massive quantities must be collected and stored daily! 

The Biological Mechanism responsible for Alzeimer’s/Dimentia.


Only from our academy you can learn:

The sleep protocol that restores childhood energy levels Booklet included with test.



The 3 groups of Inedible Food that take your immunity down a notch with every meal, dragging you down over the years to exhaustion, fatigue, pain, diagnosis! Booklet included with test.

The Biological Mechanism responsible for Heart Disease.


The Biological Mechanism responsible for Cancer (in all forms).


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