Mention your willingness to participate when you contact us!



We need a limited number of people who are willing to journalize their experiences to help others.

If you are willing to write down regularly the food you eat, how you feel, how you slept and anything else that might be encouraging to others trying to adapt to the IMMUNITY LIFESTYLE, you will be granted special pricing for all services and products.

We will compensate you by adding time to your consult account – free time talking to our experts and many other benefits. 


You must be willing to have your thoughts and experience publicized anonymously.

You must agree to test every 10 days for up to 90 days.

You must sign a CONSENT form.


Especially we are interested in people with a diagnosed condition who are willing to share some certifying documentation.  And, more especially, people willing to take conventional testing during the study to compare with our Immunity Test results.


You could help many, many people to avoid sickness, even children. 

We must certify our System of Care so there can be no question that people can live IMMUNE!


Mention your willingness to participate when you contact us!

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