The immune system, like all other systems in the body, is driven by electromagnetic energy (EE), one of only 3 fundamental forces* in our Universe. EE is otherwise called energy, electrons, a magnetic field: all these words are accumulations of that radiant energy that comes predominantly from the Sun & the center of the Earth, photons! *1

*Gravity, nuclear energy, electromagnetic energy

Photons are the fundamental force driving Nature. From the binding of organic molecules (chemical bonds), to the motion called heartbeat or immune response (electrical voltage) – photons are responsible.

There is a lot of talk about the immune system in medical/health circles these days. Especially there is discussion about how to stimulate or improve immune function – the goal being prevention of disease. Since the immune system, like all other systems in the body, is driven by photons it seems logical that health & medicine would be focused on how to increase photons in the living system (not the case). The focus is on symptoms, and has been for almost 10 decades now.

Health & Medicine in the 21st Century are too sophisticated to talk about photons. They talk about receptors and Thyroid glands and heartbeat – and uncountable other symptoms of a deficiency of photons. This focus on symptoms would be an interesting phenomenon, if it weren’t so tragic! Conversely, focus on the levels of energy in living systems is scant in medical circles, unless you count artificially adding to it, i.e., pacemaker.

There is a movement towards the recognition of light as being a prime influence on life, and this is encouraging. However, there is no serious effort to base an entire “System of Care” on the (natural) supply of energy to the human system. Humans collect energy in only 3 ways: Food, Breathing, Direct Sunlight. These are the focus of our every protocol. Oh, and every living body we work with responds by optimizing immunity, wellness.

Our focus on these 3 fundamentals (food, breathing, light) has yielded protocols that increase energy by 40 to 60% in the average American. And, it is not difficult to live by these life-giving, pain-relieving principles.

Now there is a meaningful definition of the practice of Immunology!


*1 Abstract Title:

Photon emission from perturbed and dying organisms: biomedical perspectives.

Abstract Source:

Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd. 2005 Apr;12(2):90-5. PMID: 15947467

Abstract Author(s):

Janusz Slawinski

Article Affiliation:

Dept. of Physical Chemistry, Poznan University of Technology, Poland.

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