Immunity for All - Overview

All human systems are driven by the force physics calls electromagnetic energy i.e. photons/electrons.


The entire body of work we call Medical Research has been developed without serious consideration for the fact that:

1. living organisms are structured and driven by the radiation known colloquially as Sunlight.

2. optimum levels of this radiation are rarely found in modern people.

(I time in 1000 case studies over 25 years)

Any living organism has very specific needs as to volume and frequency of this radiation from the Sun. Also, living organisms are both structurally formed and mechanically moved by this form of energy i.e. no other form of energy in the system!

Life starts with the accumulation of atoms at the level of photosynthesis, and ends with movement and consciousness at the organism level! Atoms are bound together by that property of Sunlight know as magnetism (chemical bonds). Organs, limbs are moved by that property of Sunlight (when aggregated) known as voltage.

In all of Medical Research these unchallengeable facts are never mentioned! The discussion is of molecules, to the absolute exclusion of atoms, where organic structure and function begin in our Universe, and where magnetism and voltage are manifest. Indeed, there are no molecules without atoms!

We measure and adjust levels of photons in the system, creating immunity, systemic regeneration, long life i.e. wellness! - IMMUNITY FOR ALL


When a body is whole, any vulnerability to disease can be traced to levels of one substance. *


Warm-blooded animals are defined by their stable body temperature!

NINETY-EIGHT POINT SIX – It is extraordinary how alike we are; a thermometer under the tongue of an Inuit on an Arctic ice floe, a pygmy in the Ituri forest, or a stockbroker on the floor of the New Your Stock Exchange gives the same reading. Yellow, black, brown, or white, tall or short, fat or thin, old or young, male of female, it’s still 98.6. For a five-month old baby, a twenty-year-old athlete, and a centenarian, body temperature is still the same. Muscles bulge or atrophy, teeth erupt or fall out, vision is acute or clouded by cataracts, heart rates double under stress, breathing fluctuates wildly, you shiver uncontrollably or sweat buckets, but temperature stays the same. And you feel sick if it varies by the merest 2 per-cent. It if rises or falls by much more than 5 percent, you should consider heading for the emergency room. The resemblance of one human to another in this respect is truly remarkable. Respiration, perspiration, excretion, and other bodily functions have huge swings, keyed to maintaining a constant body temperature.

*Body Temperature is a measure of kinetic motion. Kinetic Motion in any living system is a by-product of the levels of photons/energy in the organism. Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in an object, which is a type of energy associated with motion. ...

The human body has a few very specific “set points” recognized by all as vital. One of these set points is Body Temperature.

Body temperature maintenance is a by-product of photon (energy) levels in the human system (heat is a form of energy). Our studies of body temperature over 10 years have proven a severe instability in modern man – in all cases except one, a 90-year-old lady (appx. 1000 case studies).

Our efforts have focused on stabilizing body temperature over time. Each test requires the subject to wear our device for 24 hours. We have developed a system of protocols which are very effective i.e. we have identified all major causes of photon deficiency* and have been successful in correcting them. Once these steps are implemented, photon levels rise, body function improves overall (any symptoms are eliminated), immunity is optimized.

*The causes of photon deficiency are related to diet, sleep, motion, breathing.

We have developed a System of Care (primary care) that will make the idea of IMMUNITY FOR ALL a reality.

The author spent 45 years in research after the disabling of his second son by a DPT immunization. He has only recently completed development of a System of Care/Immunity that will make immunizations, like the one that destroyed his son’s life, obsolete. And, the system is suitable for anyone, at any age, and for any condition.

Once the people understand it is available, they will begin to demand immunity.

One of the first things people talk about in response to our claim of immunity for all is proof. They mean, science to back up my claim. Most people talk about studies with large numbers of participants. This, of course, is the approach of the pharmaceutical establishment when attempting to prove the efficacy of exotic chemical formulas/drugs.

Here is a recent test from a (61 yrs.) fitness guru! He did not like the result! Said he was in the best shape in his life!

Score 795.

Good Score 850.

Very Good 900.

Point: you do not know your fitness level until you know your photon/energy level.

So, we are proposing that low levels of photons in the human system bring about the gross malfunction we call disease. We have developed a test that measures photon levels in people, and protocols that adjust photon levels to optimum. To my knowledge, this has never before been accomplished.

Ultimately, what am I saying?

Nightmares like Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease* will not need to be cured if people carefully cultivate more photons – which are abundantly available, when you know a few details about increasing supply to your body!

*Upon request, I will provide vids detailing the (environmental) connection of each of the 3 diseases mentioned to the deficiency of photons in modern life.

*Pain relief is a primary outcome with our system.

In over 1000 case studies over 40 years, we have proven the widespread deficiency of photons/energy in modern humans. Most people are operating with about 65% of optimum photon levels and, over the decades I have been studying the problem, it has gotten worse. Everybody needs to be at the 90% level, easily attainable when following our lifestyle protocols. The media (fostered by the “experts”) confuses everything for the people by focusing on “nutrients.” * It is photons that are the missing link in IMMUNITY FOR ALL!

*Nutrients are “inert” except for the action of photons (electrons).

Jeff LaCour, PhD

Ps - I have listed two vids to further your grasp of this line of reasoning.

Attachments following: Great Electrical Circuit/Oxidation: milk/Sample Test: Two Tests



The end result of Pasteurization (heating) is to cause the electrons/photons in the product to vibrate until they release into the atmosphere. The net effect of this heating process with the fancy name is to remove 90% of the energy in milk.

Now, when you drink it, your body must supply the energy required to metabolize it through to elimination. It does not give energy, it takes it. Why do we eat? For energy, for strength!

Ask yourself: what is the definition of a Free Radical?

Answer: any molecule that demands energy from another molecule i.e. causing oxidation.

Ask yourself: what is the definition of an antioxidant?

Answer: any molecule that yields energy to the system.

Pasteurized Milk is Fake Food! There are many more Fake Foods.

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