Immunity for All : Life is an Electrical Phenomenon


Jeffrey T. LaCour, Ph.D. Physics of Wellness Academy

Grace Satterfield, MSc. Oak Ridge National Laboratory



1. Human bodies are an accumulation of atoms. *

2. Human bodies grow and heal through the accumulation of atoms

3. Atoms are dynamic; are gained and lost by the body in the course of life.

4. The body replenishes atoms through feeding, respiration, and sunlight.

5. Optimal restoration of atoms results in immunity.

*atoms are two dimensional composed of the elemental nucleus and electrons (electricity, i.e., photons21).


There is an excessive focus on “molecules” in modern medical science. There is a deficit of interest in atoms in modern medical science. The science of molecules is obscure, complex, difficult, fleeting, and inscrutable. The science of atoms is obvious, simple, penetrable, intelligible, and consistent.

Fundamental to the existence of matter is the presence of energy. This is the first of many lessons that Einstein’s equation, E=mc2, has to teach us. Atoms cannot form without Electromagnetic Energy, which is one of the three fundamental forces* in our universe. Without atoms, of course, molecules cannot form; without molecules, there can be no compounds, no complex matter. The leap from inert matter to living organisms is twice removed from the realm of possibility without energy. While matter is itself a form of energy, life is the precise ordering of that energy. In this context, it can be authoritatively stated:



l. The Great Electrical Circuit Animating Nature

Il. Fundamental Forces of Nature

Ill. The Driving Force of the human body

IV. Wellness Defined

V. Sleep Quality and Energy Levels: Synonymous Terms

I. The Great Electrical Circuit Animating Nature

lI. Fundamental Forces of Nature

There are three fundamental forces:

1. Gravitational Energy: The negative pole (constant draw, entropy) of Nature’s Great Circuit. Influences a body’s capacity to do work or potential energy.

2. Nuclear Energy- Holds together the nucleus of an atom.

3. Electromagnetic Energy- (as of human health) A by-product of nuclear explosions in the Sun, i.e., radiant energy (sunlight) that collects around elemental atoms in Nature and enables atomic bonds & chemical reaction.

Radiant energy, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), is energy transmitted without the movement of mass. Practically speaking, this is the energy found in electromagnetic waves, more commonly known as light. The light spectrum gives insight into the wide variety of light frequencies in nature. Examples of radiant energy include the warmth that radiates from a hot stove and the warmth from direct sunlight.

Electromagnetic energy (radiant energy) from the Sun is the “Life Force”; it is the main energy source of all life on Earth by way of photosynthesis, the results of which are transferred up the food chain. While the primary source of electromagnetic energy is the Sun, the magma of the Earth is also a significant source and accounts for photons integral to sleep.

Light is made of individual particles called photons. Einstein discovered that these photons or vibrations of light come in small packets that contain a discrete quantum of energy. Later, with his Photoelectric Experiments, he noted that more electrons would be released from a metal when impacted by photons of a higher frequency. If the photon availability is of too low a frequency, no electrons can be freed. This collection of photons by electrons in atoms and the subsequent release of photons is fundamental to the precision of structure and function in all living organisms on Earth.

lII. The Driving Force of the Human Body

Life is dependent upon the meticulous balance of energies. Living organisms are a web of electrical fields organized around elemental atoms. The attraction of positive and negative forces is at the core of this electrical web: these “forces” are the expression of the energy in photons.

All life is dependent on the availability of photons. During photosynthesis, a photon from the Sun is absorbed by an electron bound to an elemental atom in the soil, causing the excitation of the atom into a higher energy state. This instigates intense vibration that leads to molecular synthesis (by photon, i.e., photosynthesis) in the soil. This compounding of atoms to molecules is the essence of plant growth, the foundational rung of the food chain. In the same way, photons, acquired from plants & animals (food), breathing, and sunlight execute molecular compounding leading to chemical reactions in the human body.

Humans obtain photons and elements (atoms) by consuming plants and animals as part of the well-known process called “the food chain.” Energy from photons in the food (and respiration & sunlight) is then converted into mechanical work and heat. Therefore, the human body’s energy requirement is met by the body’s own energy/photon reserves, plus the energy/photons provided by food, respiration & sunlight

Structure in Biology: A By-Product of Electrical Magnetism at the Atomic Level

All biological systems have two dimensions: elements and energy. Elements are inert substances, made up of atoms, that require the magnetism of photons to come together (compound) to form molecules. In other words, the fundamental construct of living tissue is atom bound to atom. In chemistry, the reference is atomic bonding.

Atomic bonds are the fundamental building blocks of all organisms. There are higher levels of body composition, but all of them are composed of atoms. For example, adipose tissue (fat) is made up of adipocyte cells, which are made of molecules called lipids, which is formed by carbon atoms. Through the magnetic properties of photons, atoms of elements have the ability to maintain stable associations with other atoms /elements and, therefore, to define the composition of tissue at higher levels of body composition.


Atomic bonds are dynamic, meaning they are subject to loss of photons, i.e., change over time, .e., entropy. The release of heat by the human system is prima facie evidence of the continuing loss of photons, which must be replaced daily in massive quantities.

Photons are collected by the human system in three ways: food consumption, respiration, and direct sunlight. (see Great Circuit above).

By that property of photons called magnetism, organisms can become complex matter, i.e., organized tissue. This “organization” is the essence of all living bodies and is referred to as STRUCTURE.

Function in Biology: a By-Product of Electrical Voltage at the Atomic Level

The second dimension of any living system is energy. Atoms depend on electrons/photons to aggregate, thereby creating structure. And, since photons are dynamic, they are subject to changes in their environment.

Voltage: electric pressure or tension: the difference in electric potential between two points.

Photons are stored in the orbitals of every atom in the body and are constantly called upon for essential physiological processes such as synthesis, movement, vision, brain function, structural integrity, etc.

The buildup of electrical voltage in & between elemental atoms is the mechanism whereby all life processes are executed.

Since electrons are composed of photons, it is accurate to declare photons drive changes in

living i.e., function. This energy component essentially makes the body a machine. Herman states that it is “impossible to overemphasize the importance of human ‘bioelectricity.’ The function of every cell depends on it.”

Three Properties: Properties of electromagnetic energy in a living system include voltage & magnetism with heat as prima facia evidence (energy conversion).

Metabolic rate is a by-product of kinetic motion, i.e., the vibratory action of atomic electrons

Metabolic Rate is the most common reference to the functional dimension of the human system in health and medical contexts. Metabolic Rate is considered the basic estimation of function. Heat is a measure of the conversion of photons into function. Calories are a measure of heat energy and are provided the body by food consumption. Calorie and heat are synonyms to the concept of “photon”!

Metabolic Rate is technically “motion” within the science of physics. Motion includes the action of muscles, organ function, conscious thought, etc. These actions of the human system are a product of electrical voltage, a property of aggregated photons at the atomic level. Kinetic Motion is synonymous with Metabolic Rate in the context of the human system (all living systems)! Therefore, “Standard Metabolic Rate” and “Kinetic Motion are synonymous.

In any system, when energy is increased, the kinetic motion will increase. In a living system with self-determined limits, ideal kinetic motion is set by the mass of the organism (at rest in gravity).

All human structure is a product of electrical magnetism—a property of photons.

All human function is a product of electrical voltage—a property of photons.

Heat loss (Body Temperature) is evidence of the conversion of photons from available energy reserves to structure or function.

IV. Wellness Defined: The optimized function of the human system as dictated by stable kinetic motion (body temperature: a measure of KM).

a. KM is dictated by the levels of photons in the system.

b. Photon levels limited by levels of elements14 in the system.

c. Optimized levels of elements & photons is homeostasis.

d. Optimized homeostasis (consistency) is immunity.

The very definition of Warm Blooded is “stable KM, i.e., BT stability!”

The essence of stable KM is optimized levels of photons, the “driving force” of any living system. The measure of KM-stability is the measure of immunity, homeostasis, optimization.

TEMPERATURE = a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a sample of matter expressed in terms of units or degrees designated on a standard scale. A. The degree of heat in the body of a living organism, usually about 37.0°C (98.6°F) in humans.

KINETIC ENERGY (MOTION) = the level of vibration of the electrons in an atom.

Directly proportional to the presence/volume of available photons in a system.

ENERGY LEVELS = amount of available and reserve photons in a system.

METABOLIC RATE (optimum) = vibratory rate necessary to maintain homeostasis in an organism.

MINIMUM DAILY CALORIES = calories needed to maintain homeostasis for 24 hours.

CALORIES = a measure of heat, a form of energy (photons).

DIET IS NOT ABOUT TYPES OF FOOD, as you will learn in our books. It is not whether you eat protein, fats, or carbohydrates. There is another more fundamental question! Physics of Wellness Academy

Immunity is the highest form of Wellness!

The levels of photons in the system dictate human health quality, i.e., wellness, i.e., immunity, i.e., homeostasis. Photon levels in the system dictate kinetic motion and, therefore, organ function. Photon levels are limited by the levels of elements in the system. Fundamental cellular operations of any living system are based on kinetic motion, i.e., metabolic rate.

Clinical evidence of the omnipresence of photons in living cells/systems

The detection of ultra-weak photon emissions (UPE) has been used as a non-invasive diagnostic tool. There is a correlation between UPE, and physiological states of the body, and UPE is proportional to metabolic activity. UPE intensity and cell count are closely related, so UPE can be used to monitor cell count. It could be used to diagnose and prevent diseases based on the presence of photons.

In addition to using UPE to address disease, soft-tissue can be treated with pulsed, high-frequency electricity. This electricity is photon generation and targeting. It has a biological effect in injured soft tissues, reducing pain and disability in patients.

The success of UPE and high-frequency electricity to cure disease and heal tissue is evidence that photons affect the biology of humans.

Sleep quality can affect the quantity/levels of photons in the human body. Since electrical currents affect the nervous system, electrical pulses can impart greater sleep benefits in less time.

Reversed Polarity of the Brain: in electrical science, this indicates a change of flow direction!

The reversed polarity of the brain during sleep should be likened to charging the cell phone. The phone reverts from producing and managing photons within, to collecting photons from the power source at the end of the wire. This concept was verified for living organisms by Robert Becker and recorded in his seminal work, The Body Electric, page 113 and chapter 13.9

Sleep is the “collection of photons from food.” The collection of energy from food during sleep is an involuntary function, designed to ensure adequate supplies of photons for vital autonomic organs and systems. This mechanism may be interpreted as protection of homeostasis, which is the ability to maintain a constant internal environment in response to outside environmental changes, i.e., stable body temperature.

The need for streaming photons during non-sun time is not recognized by modern science

Without the action of photons generated by the center of the Earth, sleep could not function as the primary source of photon collection from food. Earth photons during the reversed polarity of the brain (deep sleep) generate intense vibration at the atomic level, affecting food particles within capillary beds. This vibration instigates the migration of photons from food to the living cell, which is, thus, refreshed. Energy becomes matter when the cell is refreshed, i.e., E=mc2 (Section following).

All living systems are subject to the laws of Nature at the quantum level, i.e., there is no migration of photons from food to living cells without the impact of (earth) photons at the speed of light, i.e., E=mc2! The equivalence of mass and energy in action! Energy (photons) becomes mass!

Wellness: the optimized function of the human system over time, as dictated by stable kinetic motion, i.e., HOMEOSTASIS (Immunity).

Above: the device used to track and record a 24-hour mission of energy levels for analysis.


Sleep Test and Energy (photons) Levels Test = Synonymous terms!

There are no supporting citations for our hypothesis that Sleep is an energy/photon collecting activity. There is hyper-interest in the structure of brain waves, but there is a complete deficit of interest in these waves being associated with the collection of photons, i.e., the excitation (more energy) of atoms by the increased collection of photons. See cell phone analogy above and “paragraph below beginning – each of the three.”

OUR PROPOSAL: the longer, slower delta waves of the sleep test are testament to the reversed polarity of the brain, an obvious exercise in drawing and storing electricity (photons) vs. the quick, shallow waves of wakefulness, which are actively consuming, exploiting, managing available photon stores. Becker, The Body Electric.9

Sleep Wellness - Delta waves are associated with deep sleep, which can impart healing energy.9 Sound waves enhance deep sleep, which is critical for memory consolidation. Also, a decrease in deep sleep is associated with memory loss in aging.13 Added energy is prima facie evidence the brain has achieved deep sleep. Deep sleep intervals can only be gauged in retrospect by the changes in the amount of energy in the body in question (or brain wave tracking).

Healthy sleep is essential to longevity. There is a specific amount of sleep that humans need to stay healthy, or they can incur sleep debts that are detrimental to their health. There needs to be an increased awareness of the relationship between deep-sleep, REM sleep & poor sleep.

Particularly, the relationship between streaming photons from the magma of the Earth is nowhere to be found in the scientific literature, though there is widespread recognition of the significance of the equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc2) as described by Professor Einstein (proposed as the only time energy becomes matter). The equivalence of mass and energy is at the essence of the concept referred to as “sleep” i.e. this equation details the mechanics of how a living cell becomes refreshed/recharged by collecting photons from food during sleep – by way of vibration caused by the impact of photons from the Earth on human protoplasm at the speed of light. This is the definition of E=mc2, and there is simply no other reasonable explanation for the improved strength (commonly called rest/recovery) offered by that phenomenon known as sleep, i.e. energy becomes matter, i.e., elemental atoms in the living cell magnetically receive photons from food particles in the capillary beds, and are, thus, refreshed, i.e. energy becomes matter. *

*(Laws of the Universe, such as E=mc2, are not restricted to the Cosmos. They are active in every dimension of reality, especially so in biology. Why medicine would ignore this profound reality challenges the conscience.)

Attention is directed to the comment about the increased turgor of the body after sleep, as mentioned in #2 below. Changes in body Turgor is associated with hydration throughout medical circles. There is no mention of the physical effects of an increase of photons related to the excitation of electrons throughout the system. Among physicists, this phenomenon is well documented. It is taken for granted, for example, that atoms increase in turgor with the increase of photons, i.e., excited electrons/atoms. Yet, in medical circles, the dimension of the atom/electron is absent, ignored.

In the Physics of Wellness theory of care, the levels of photons in the atoms of the living system is THE primary marker for wellness, since living cells draw their sustenance (structure and function) from this dimension. This reality gives purpose to our Body IQ Energy

Levels/Immunity Test, which is based on Kinetic Motion.17&18 KM is a direct measure of the level of available photons/energy in the system.

Ground state – The lowest allowable energy state of an atom. Photons/electrons are in the lowest available orbitals. When electrons are subjected to stimuli like heat, light, or electricity (all of these describe photons) electrons may jump to a higher energy level. This is the excited state. Cornell University.22

Each of the following three statements emphasizes a dreadful truth about modern healthcare (because streaming photons are ignored as they relate to sleep/life).

1. There would be an unmerited emphasis on chemistry since, without synthesis caused by streaming photons, all reactions are presumed to be dependent upon chemical reaction. Sunlight/photons/pure-energy will be relegated to an entertainment role since pure energy is not critical to life, i.e., chemical energy is sufficient.

2. There will be a lack of emphasis on sleep and the understanding of sleep since sleep plays no apparent role in a chemically focused healthcare paradigm. Conversely, with Physics as the focus, sleep becomes integral to the maintenance of life since documented physiological changes indicate interaction with streaming photons. For example, the reversed polarity of the brain during sleep and the increased turgor of the skin/limbs/body after sleep (increased photon levels, i.e., electrons in an excited state).

3. Physics, the study of energy, will have little stature in healthcare since chemistry, the study of the properties of matter, will dominate all therapeutic approaches. Because Physics is the foundation of all science, and fundamental forces/energy/light are the origins of life/reality, modern medicine with its focus on chemistry will be preoccupied with symptoms and will lack causative/foundational answers to the health concerns of humankind.

Physics of Wellness Energy Levels Test can measure energy levels in the human body by measuring the stability of kinetic motion over time. The resulting score can suggest lifestyle changes, especially sleep and food changes that allow patients to achieve their maximum level of energy and, therefore, wellness (immunity).22

Wellness: an optimized function of the human system, as dictated by stable kinetic motion.

Overall, energy drives kinetic motion, which is integral to cell function.7 Therefore, electrical processes (photon levels) are fundamental to any medical diagnosis since they are essential to the structure and function of the body/all cells.



Living systems give off measurable intensities of light, i.e. photons in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.- GreenMedInfo Summary


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Dr. Rodney A. Brooks on Quantum Field Theory


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